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Données du TRAIL 2014

Conférences :

Benoit Sittler LIDAR topographic imagery – Towards a paradigm shift in the assessment of ancient landscapes View
Kasper Hanus Revealing archaeological landscapes in the tropics using ALS View
Elise Fovet LiDAR in macchia View
Máté Stibrányi, Gábor Mesterházy See through a glass, darkly…Archaeological predictive modeling and ALS, a case study from Hungary View
Ole Risbol Cultural Heritage, ALS and Forestry View
Tristan Allouis – L’Avion Jaune The YellowScan® system : a test on the oppida of Nages/Roque de Viou (Languedoc, France) View
Richard Vuitton – Helimap System Fast, Flexible, Accurate & Affordable mapping system : Burgruine Griffen Castle (Austria) View