Publications du chantier D2PE

AFONSO E., BAURAND P.-E., TOURNANT P., CAPELLI N. « First amplification of Eimeria hessei DNA from the lesser horseshoe bat (Rhinolophus hipposideros) and its phylogenetic relationships with Eimeria species from other bats and rodents. » Experimental Parasitology, no 139 (2014): 58‑62.

BERGEROT B., TOURNANT P., MOUSSUS J.-P.,. STEVENS V.-M, JULLIARD R., BAGUETTE M., FOLTETE J.-C. « Coupling inter-patch movement models and landscape graph to assess functional connectivity. » Population Ecology 1, no 55 (2013): 193‑203.

CLAUZEL C., C. BANNWARTH, FOLTETE J.-C. « Integrating regional-scale connectivity in habitat renovation: an application for amphibian conservation in eastern France. » Journal for Nature Conservation, no In Press (2014).

CLAUZEL C., GIRARDET X., FOLTETE J.-C. « Impact assessment of a high-speed railway line on species distribution : Application to the European tree frog (Hyla arborea) in Franche-Comté. » Journal of Environmental Management, no 127 (2013): 125‑34.

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